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Top 5 Timeless Handbags that Offer the Highest ROI

Whether you’re buying a designer handbag for the first time or you’re an experienced luxury boutique franchise owner, choosing the right bag requires time and research. A luxury handbag is a significant investment, so you’ll want to ensure you know everything about the one you’re buying—especially its potential resale value. Like luxury boutique clothing, a […]


Why TCTC Designer Boutique Franchises Stand Out From the Competition

If you’re looking to invest in a reputable women’s fashion franchise, you’ve probably found that there are seemingly countless opportunities available. Naturally, this abundance of options can make it challenging to choose which one is right for you. At The Closet Trading Company, we believe that there is such a thing as a perfect fit– […]


The Difference Between Consignment and Thrift Stores

When you start shopping for pre-loved fashion, you will notice that there are basically two different types of secondhand stores– thrift stores and consignment stores—which offer countless options for every style and budget. Whether you’re committed to sustainability or searching for the best pre-loved finds, understanding the differences between the two can help you find […]


Benefits of Shopping at a Local Consignment Boutique

If you want to make a difference and look good doing it, consider shopping at a luxury consignment boutique. Buying from upscale secondhand shops offers you the opportunity to reduce your fast fashion consumption, contribute to the circular economy, and support local businesses– while saving money and scoring unique one-of-a-kind pieces for your wardrobe. If […]


Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion

Fast fashion has caused a significant disruption in the clothing industry. Within the past decade, the rise of e-commerce has contributed to the fast fashion industry, especially with new labels advertising low-cost clothing via social media. As a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative, slow fashion is a reaction to the above. It advocates for manufacturing that […]


How To Open a Franchise Clothing Store

According to the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops, the resale and consignment industry in the United States generated approximately $17.5 billion in revenue in 2018. Over the last few years and throughout the pandemic, circular economy retailers and upscale clothing stores have continued to experience dramatic industry growth. As a result, the secondhand […]