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What is an E-2 Visa Franchise Program?

The E2 visa franchise program allows an individual who is a foreign national to work and live in the United States if they have made a significant investment in a U.S. business that they are working to direct and develop. If you’re an entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast who wants to move to the United States […]


What are the Most Common Businesses to Buy for an E-2 Visa?

Franchises are overwhelmingly the most common businesses that non-U.S. citizens buy to attain an E-2 visa, and clothing franchises are among the most popular.    Achieving the American dream can become a reality for those with an E-2 visa. An E-2 visa allows those with substantial funds to come to the U.S. and start a business. […]


Important Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Retail Clothing Franchise

The high-end resale clothing industry is thriving. As interest in sustainability and concern about environmental preservation grows, the “fast fashion” business is becoming less and less relevant. Luxury second-hand boutiques are popping up all over the country, and projections tell us that the resale clothing franchise will double in the next five years to $77 […]


Sustainable Fashion in a Circular Economy

In a world where instant gratification is a given, it’s easy for fashion consumers to become spoiled with the sheer volume of clothing options they have at their literal disposal. Fashion brands have risen to meet that need, mass-producing cheaply-made clothes inspired by the latest runway looks and delivering them to the masses who buy, […]


High-End Resale Clothing Boutique Franchises Capitalizing on Inflated Retailer Prices

If you’ve shopped at big clothing retailers lately, such as Macy’s or Kohl’s, or eyed the prices of fashion brands like Louis Vuitton or Gucci, you’ve noticed that prices are rising. Inflation plays a big role in these price increases, but it isn’t the sole cause. Factors such as supply chain issues and manufacturing reductions […]