the closet trading co.™

Founded in 2003, The Closet Trading Company™ is an unparalleled resale experience, offering a curated selection of designer and luxury labels. The ecosystem in which our model thrives creates a brand sentiment that enforces sustainability within the local community. We become an essential part of our customers shopping habits & buying cycle. 

*Low range as shown in item 7 of our fdd. refer to fdd for full investment details



Why choose

the closet Trading COmpany™?



Simply click here or scroll down to fill out an application. 



After we've reviewed your application, we'll schedule an executive call to discuss the daily operations, financials and what's to be expected of the owner.



Come for a one-on-one visit and hear it from the owners, the managers and employees themselves. Followed up with an executive meeting that leaves you with a deep understanding of our business and how to succeed. 



We'll discuss if you are the right fit for The Closet Trading Company™. If we feel confident that you are able to implement our concept in your area, we will award your franchise rights. 



  • Initial Franchise fee: $40,000 (additional franchises can be purchased at a discount)
  • Licensing, Fees and Insurance: $2000
  • Training & Grand Opening: $20,000
  • Lease and Build-Out: $17,000
  • POS and Computer Equipment: $20,000
  • Equipment, Signage, Inventory & Supplies : $20,000
  • Additional Funds: $25,000
  • Total initial investment range: $146,400 - $425,300

Franchise terms:


10 Year Franchise Agreement (with an additional 10 year renewal period)


5% Royalty of Gross Sales


1% Ad fee - Used in National ad campaigns to benefit franchisees.


1% Tech fee - Used to develop and grow systems to benefit franchisees  

SOE: Spirit of Entrepreneurship 2018  Retail Winner

Spirit of entrepreneurship™ This 501(c)3 corporation supports business at all levels. Every year women and students are recognized and awarded for their dedication to their passions. Johanna Zlenko was honored to receive this award in 2018.  Read the full article here

WEV: million dollars Club - vida newspaper

Women's Economic Ventures honored Johanna Zlenko and inducted her into the the Million Dollar Club.

Giving Back This Holiday Season

Santa Barbara graduate and owner of an upscale consignment boutique in Santa Barbara is giving back to new moms in the community



Stay up to date

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our ideal franchisee


As a franchisee you are expected to be a motivated, friendly, driven, ambitious, and ethical individual that possesses:


  • Business and/or retail management experience
  • Entrepreneurial outlook and sales oriented mindset
  • Willingness for cooperation and communication
  • Ability to generate growth through hands-on business/marketing activities
  • Embrace and contribute to the ethos/sentiment of the brand that is The Closet Trading Company™


There are hundreds of reasons to franchise, and hundreds of franchise opportunities out there. We want to be sure you are doing it for the right reasons, and have the emotional intelligence to accompany your abilities. As in, you have an affinity for hard work, but your ability to develop deeper connections with your employees and customers will create an unrivaled loyalty and trust that have the potential to make you more successful.  


Financially, you are expected to have a net worth of $250,000 or more, with at least $100,000 liquid assets.

our Executive Team

Our executive team is comprised of strong leaders in the high-end resale industry as well as franchise development, consulting, sales, business operations and marketing. They are a group of customer-focused and forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about The Closet Trading Co., and are committed to helping their franchisees succeed!

Better than cash 

The Closet Trading Co. works primarily on consignment, which means franchisees pay for their inventory after they sell it! Most other resale outlets work mainly on a cash basis, which means they pay upfront for their inventory and then they try to sell it. Consignment creates a cash flow benefit that is a game-changer for our franchisees. And they are not stuck carrying the cost of unsold inventory. 

what competition?  

Our stores do not compete with one another in the way that standard retail stores do, because each store carries a unique inventory. Upon opening a  new store only 10 miles away from our existing store, we found that the proximity actually helped both stores thrive. Customers now continue to regularly check out the new inventory in both stores and consequently, the distance between stores can be shorter than with other retail concepts. 

recession-resistant Business 

We are a recession-resistant business and flourish in economic downturns. We opened two stores during the last recession, and observed a new dynamic to the rationale in the market. We found that customers are more open to selling some of their luxury goods when times are lean, and that more women grew open to the idea of shopping used, so it is a win-win. As other retailers shuttered, we also benefited from the higher overall vacancy and lower lease rates.

Startup inventory 

We  provide our franchisees with the tools, training and advice they need to curate the majority of their starting inventory.  We'll even provide inventory from our existing stock, if needed, to ensure a  well-stocked grand opening!  This saves our franchisees time and money! No need for the franchisee to be out-of-pocket for months paying rent, payroll and other expenses while they are trying to build their inventory. They can start selling and generating revenue as soon as they open their doors

personalized service 

Outstanding customer service is second to none at The Closet Trading Company™!  We prioritize a FUN and engaging customer experience that results in customers becoming loyal, regular clients.  They key ingredient is our staff of professionally trained stylists who offer complimentary one-on-one styling tips to help nurture customer relationships and increase loyalty.  Our focus on "wow-ing" the customer increases the frequency of store visits. Customers come in more frequently to see the new inventory, and to visit their favorite stylist!


As an emerging franchise company with an entrepreneurial spirit, our team prides itself on its flexibility in collaborating with our franchisees.  We welcome feedback and ideas from them and actively seek input to find creative solutions that can result in cost savings or increased revenues for our franchisees!  


The initial franchise fee for one TCTC franchise is $40,000.  Qualified individuals can purchase additional franchises at a reduced initial franchise fee through an Area Development agreement

ownership options

Franchisees can choose to run the business full-time, or be semi-absentee.   With the semi-absentee option, the franchisee will hire a full-time store manager who will be required to attend our initial training program along with the franchisee.

revenue streams

The Closet Trading Company™ business model presently includes three revenues streams: consignment sales, resale sales and wholesale sales. Our future plans call for adding Consignment Concierge services, Authentication Services and Studio Services.


The Closet Trading Company™ has developed a comprehensive integrated marketing program that includes: digital marketing, print media, social media and a robust organic campaign to assist our franchisees in gaining a solid, repeat customer base to become a leader in their markets.


Our business model creates a natural buying cycle that reduces the environmental impact of the retail clothing industry. This inspires a greater sense of responsibility in local communities and the impact we have on this planet. 

Hollywood affect

Our close proximity to the movie industry gives us great access to the closets of celebrities, Hollywood elite, and movie studios. The benefit of these show stopping ensembles can be passed along to our franchisees by providing them access to this exclusive inventory. 

Owning a TCTC franchise can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it's not for everyone. Click the button below to find out if you may be qualified. ‚Äč