Take your retail career to the next level by opening your own luxury consignment boutique! The Closest Trading Company is a perfect franchise opportunity for career retailers who want to become their own boss and continue their passion for fashion while still having the support and knowledge of an established and experienced brand.

The TCTC franchise model presents qualified candidates with a low investment opportunity, a small carbon footprint, and a simple business model. Joining the designer resale movement is a chance to build your own business in a booming industry that grows larger year after year. Experience the freedom, independence, and satisfaction that comes with business ownership, and you will never look back.

A More Rewarding Career in Fashion

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Retail managers certainly have some degree of authority regarding product selection, display choices, running training programs, and scheduling. However, working in a corporate environment can be limiting, even for those with the most experience.

As a TCTC retail clothing franchise owner, you’ll have the independence to make the decisions that you think are right for your business. From choosing your own designer resale inventory to marketing your business, you can build a pride-of-ownership business that matches your vision.

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Apply Your Experience to Bring Your Business to Life

When it comes to growing our TCTC family, our ideal consignment franchise candidate knows how to sell a product, manage a team effectively, and remain adaptable to the various needs of running a retail clothing franchise. Career retailers interested in becoming  TCTC franchisees are likely to possess requisite qualities including:

  • Previous business and/or retail management experience
  • Ambition to grow your retail clothing franchise through hands-on marketing
  • Adaptability to an ever-changing work environment
  • Willingness to cooperate, communicate, and develop deep connections
  • A sales-oriented mindset and the ability to contribute to our TCTC brand

Our boutique franchise opportunities are affordable and attainable to ambitious, qualified candidates willing to take the leap.

Take the Next Step in Your Career with TCTC

When you join the TCTC family, you’ll take charge of your career each day as you apply your retail experience to source merchandise, promote customer loyalty, and grow your local store. The Closet Trading Company goes the extra mile to empower our retail boutique franchisees and set them up for success. If you are ready to dive in, we want to hear from you.


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Owning a TCTC franchise can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s not for everyone. Click the button below to find out if you may be qualified.

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