If sustainable fashion and doing better for the planet is at the core of your business principles, becoming a TCTC sustainable clothing franchise owner might be your dream job.

“Fast fashion” is among the most wasteful of industries, exploiting precious resources and contributing to unnecessary space in landfills with its constant high-turnover of cheap, trendy clothing. As more consumers become aware of the environmental impacts of fast fashion, they are increasingly turning toward the resale industry.

Pre-loved clothing is the direct answer to textile waste, and secondhand retail sales fuel a sustainable, circular economy. The sustainability movement has already grown the resale market into a multibillion-dollar industry, one expected to continue trending up for the foreseeable future.

The Closet Trading Company has been at the forefront of designer, sustainable fashion since we started. Our luxury consignment franchise platform extends the opportunity to others who want to marry their environmental passion with their professional goals. Joining the TCTC family empowers you to build a business on a lifestyle brand you believe in.

Ideal TCTC Franchise Candidate

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At TCTC, we value hard work, ambition, passion, and motivation to succeed. Ideal franchise candidates possess:

  • Previous business /retail management experience
  • A customer service-oriented mindset
  • Passion for the designer clothing resale movement and the TCTC brand
  • The ability to form deep connections with the community
  • Ambition and drive to grow their franchise through hands-on marketing
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Join the Sustainable Luxury Movement, Empower Your Community

Whether you’ve always been an advocate for sustainable fashion or you’re an aspiring fashion-forward entrepreneur, The Closest Trading Company can help further the sustainability movement within your community. As a franchise owner,  you’ll be able to connect with local clients who share your view. You will also help raise awareness and educate the less informed while styling them in gorgeous, secondhand designer pieces. Plant the seed and watch it grow!

Open Your Own Sustainable Boutique Franchise

If you would like to become a franchisee candidate, we’d love to hear from you! Request TCTC franchise information here. Some dreams are made to be lived. You’ll never know if you don’t apply.


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Owning a TCTC franchise can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s not for everyone. Click the button below to find out if you may be qualified.

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