Since 2003, The Closet Trading Company (TCTC) has set the gold standard in luxury consignment by offering our clients an unmatched premium resale experience through exclusive services and a curated selection of designer and luxury brands.

Our first-class service and flair for the latest trends and styles set us apart from other franchise clothing brands. Our unique business model successfully attracts fashion-forward, environmentally conscious consumers who rely on us for a luxury consignment boutique experience. With exclusive luxury brand standards and one-on-one styling, we’ve become a key component of our clients’ shopping and buying cycle.

What Does Luxury Consignment Mean?

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Luxury consignment offers a sustainable alternative to fast fashion for those who love high-end, brand-name shopping, from handbags and shoes to jewelry and clothing.

Luxury consignment boutiques are a place for people to sell goods that are simply taking space in their closets so that others can purchase and enjoy them. Most items are preloved, but others still have tags on them. Through consignment, consumers can have more accessibility to premium brands, make money for their unused items, and enjoy a more sustainable shopping experience.

At The Closet Trading Company, we specialize in contemporary women’s designer clothing and accessories. We work exclusively with on-trend styles from premium labels– such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Vince, Tory Burch, Gucci, Lululemon and more. Our goal is to make luxury fashion accessible to everyone. We also aim to offer stylish, high-quality pieces that our clients can seamlessly integrate into a modern wardrobe.

Luxury Consignment Boutique

How TCTC Is Setting the Gold Standard in Luxury Consignment

At TCTC, our customers are our clients. By prioritizing a fun and engaging customer experience, we’ve become an essential part of our client’s shopping experience– allowing us to build a strong base of loyal clients. They appreciate our rigorous and systematic inventory standards and also our personalized services.

TCTC offers complimentary one-on-one tips from professionally trained stylists. We also make it easy and convenient for clients to sell and trade the items that no longer serve their wardrobe. They visit our stores regularly to sell clothes for consignment, check out new inventory, and visit their favorite stylist.

Explore Luxury Consignment Boutique Franchise Opportunities

The luxury consignment industry is made for entrepreneurial individuals with a passion for the latest styles. As a franchisee with The Closet Trading Company, your trend predictions, merchandising experience, and fashion-forward instincts contribute to the success of your luxury consignment boutique.

When you join the TCTC team, you’ll spend each day styling new pieces, displaying new products to optimize sales, offering fashion advice to new clients, and surrounding yourself with a collaborative group of like-minded people.

Unique Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Ready to open your own luxury consignment boutique? Have an eye for the latest styles and trends? When you’re ready, reach out to our franchise development team to learn more about our unique opportunities for fashion-forward entrepreneurs.


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Owning a TCTC franchise can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s not for everyone. Click the button below to find out if you may be qualified.

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